Hildy's Helles
Munich Lager
5.2% ABV · 18 IBU

Minnesota Brewers Cup 2nd place

award winner for Pale Lager.

A light, refreshing, crisp traditional Munich Lager named after our Bavarian mom who once told us "Helles ist doch medizin!" (Helles is medicine). It's our original flagship bier and a staple in our taproom.


Giesen Weisse
4.8% ABV · 10 IBU

A traditional Bavarian wheat ale brewed with German malts and fermented with sexy little Hefeweizen yeast. Expect a hazy, malty ale with notes of banana and clove.


Bavarian Gangsta
German IPA
7.0% ABV · 72 IBU

Zee Germans are not historically known for their IPAs but they grow some really great hops for them, so we used all German hops in this IPA. Featuring Hallertau Blanc and Mandarina Bavaria, expect notes of mandarin, grapefruit, pineapple, and grape.


Dožínky Pils
Bohemian Pilsner
4.5% ABV · 26 IBU

Dožínky Pils is back in celebration of New Prague's annual Czech harvest festival. Brewed with 100% Bohemian floor-malted barley and Czech Saaz hops, it's a light and refreshing easy drinker.



Fruited Berliner Weisse
3.2% ABV · 6 IBU

A light, tart, refreshing German wheat sour featuring 100% real raspberry puree.


Zappy Face
Pale Ale
5.7% ABV · 39 IBU

A juicy Pale Ale featuring Zappa and Galaxy hops.


Helles + Lemon-Lime Soda
5.4% ABV · 18 IBU

Originally served to cyclists wanting a refreshing, less alcoholic beverage for their journey, our Radler is a mix of Hildy's Helles and lemon-lime soda. 


31 Hour
Pale Ale
5.6% ABV · 40 IBU

An American style Pale Ale brewed with Citra, CTZ, Amarillo, and Chinook hops, then dry-hopped with even more Citra and Amarillo! Expect a medium-bodied, bitter citrus hop ale.


Frickin Scruggly
Douple IPA
10.3% ABV · 127 IBU

Not your typical sneaky DIPA. This Double IPA has unapologetic, in-your-face flavors of grapefruit, orange marmalade, and pine, with just enough sweetness from honey malt to balance it out. Featuring Chinook and Falconers Flight hops.​


A traditional German Festbier like what you'd find at the Wiesn in Munich.  Zicke zacke, zicke zacke, Bräu Bräu Bräu! Prost!


Bräu Bräu Bräu!
6.0% ABV · 28 IBU

That Other Wizard
the Brown Ale

5.4% ABV · 30 IBU

A malty, smooth Brown Ale finished off with Czech noble hops for balance. Sure to please the non-hop heads.


Strawberry, Mango, Watermelon or Raspberry

Hard Seltzer featuring your choice of Strawberry, Mango, Watermelon or Raspberry syrups made from pure cane sugar with natural flavoring.

Hard Seltzer.jpg

Hard Seltzer

5.6% ABV

NA Caddysnack
0.24% ABV · 23 IBU

The cool nerds over at ABV Technology took our standard Kolsch and ran it through their fancy equipment

to remove the alcohol. What we got in return is our very own NA Kolsch with less than 0.5% ABV.