The Bier

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31 Hour Pale Ale - 5.4%, Medium IBU - An American style Pale Ale brewed with Citra, CTZ, Amarillo, and Chinook hops, then dry-hopped with even more Citra and Amarillo! Expect a medium-bodied, well-balanced citrus hop ale.

Bavarian Gangsta (German IPA) - 7.0%, High IBU - Zee Germans are not historically known for their IPAs but they grow some really great hops for them, so we used all German hops in this IPA. Featuring Hallertau Blanc and Mandarina Bavaria hops, expect notes of mandarin, grapefruit, pineapple and grape.

Frickin Scruggly (DIPA) - 10.6%, High IBU - Like our Head Brewer’s beard, from which the name came, this Double IPA is unapologetic. It's brewed with over 32 pounds of hops in an 8bbl batch and has a calculated IBU of 146. Very bitter, yet well balanced, with a slight sweetness coming from the addition of honey malt. Featuring Chinook and Falconers Flight hops.​

Giesen Weisse (Hefeweizen) - 4.8%, Very Low IBU - A traditional Bavarian wheat ale brewed with German malts and fermented with those sexy little Hefeweizen yeast! Expect a hazy, malty ale with aromas of banana and clove from the yeast.​​

*Hildy's Helles - 5.4%, Very Low IBU - A crisp, light bodied, well balanced, traditional Munich Helles lager named after our Bavarian mom who once told us "Helles ist doch medizin!" (Helles is your medicine). It's our original flagship bier and a staple in our taproom. *MN Brewers Cup 2nd place award winner for Pale Lager.

Nordic Exchange Student (Pale Ale) - 5.4%, Medium IBU - A Pale Ale brewed with Norwegian Kveik (yeast) and Mosaic and Citra hops. It's grassy, citrusy, and tropical with just enough pine to round it out.

Spaceballs the Milk Stout - 5.0%, Low IBU - If Planet Spaceball had run out of bier and not air, this is the bier they would have stolen from Planet Druidia. This dark, roasty, chocolaty ale was brewed with lactose, oats, and flaked barley to give it nice body and smooth drinkability. May the Schwartz be with you!​

Radler - 5.4%, Low IBU - Traditionally served to cyclists wanting a refreshing, less alcoholic beverage for their journey, our Radler is a mix of Hildy's Helles and lemon-lime soda. 


Bauernbrot (Rye Ale) - 6.0%, Low IBU. This delightfully refreshing Rye Ale was brewed with caraway seed, adding a crisp and unique spice characteristic. Bready, but not too sweet, this ale is perfect for any season.

Bräu Bräu Bräu (Festbier) - 6.4% - A traditional German Festbier like what you'd find at the Wiesn in Munich.  Zicke zacke, zicke zacke, Bräu Bräu Bräu! Prost!

Bohemian Necromancer (Czech Dark Lager) - This style is a staple in the Czech Republic and dates WAY back. It's got a little more body, maltiness, and roastiness than a pale lager, but is still well balanced and approachable.

CHP Lite (American Light Lager) - 4.3%, Very Low IBU - Light, bright, and effervescent, this bier is exactly what you’d expect in a domestic Light Lager, only better.

Chuffed to Bits (English Barleywine) - 9.8%, Medium IBU - A traditional English Barleywine that tastes of plum, prunes, burnt caramel, and toffee.

Da Schwarz...Bier (Dark German Lager) - 4.3%, Low IBU - Dark in color, but bright and crisp in flavor with mild hints of roast and caramel, and without a bitter finish. 

Deggenauer Dunkel - 4.6%, Low IBU - A dark Munich lager that is malty with subtle hints of caramel and nuttiness.

Doppel the Hutt (Doppelbock) - 7.2%, Low IBU - Named in 2018 after the birth of co-founders Anna and Erin Hutton's twin babies, this traditional Doppelbock is big and malty with notes of stone fruit and dark caramel.

BBL Aged Doppel the Hutt (Doppelbock) - 7.7%, Low IBU - Our Doppelbock aged in Breckenridge Bourbon barrels. The dark caramel notes pair perfectly with the hint of bourbon from the barrel.

BBL Aged Frickin Scruggly (DIPA) - 10.2%, High IBU - Our Double IPA aged in Jack Daniel's whiskey barrels. It's a wildly perfect pairing of bitter hoppiness and whiskey sweetness, and one of our favorite, unique barrel aged biers.

Dozinky Pils (Czech Style Pilsner) - 4.5%, Low IBU - Brewed for New Prague's Czech harvest festival, this is a light and refreshing easy drinker. 100% Kazbek hops give this bier a noble hop quality with a slight hint of lemon. It's delicious and perfect for all day Dozinky drinking.

Hardhome (India Pale Lager) - 6.4%, High IBU - A light and hoppy lager with notes of bitter lemon-lime.

Hop Cones of Dunshire (DIPA) -  9.0%, High IBU - A Double IPA showcasing Idaho & and Azacca hops, which lend their delicious, heavy tropical fruitiness  to this well balanced brew. Are the cones a metaphor? Well, yes and no.

Hop Quality H20 - 7.2%, High IBU - A hop-forward IPA featuring Citra, Mosaic, and Idaho 7 hops.

Hoppy Mama - 6.5%, High IBU - Brewed to celebrate the imminent arrival of co-founders Becka and Tom's second baby. This bold, bitter IPA features Julius, Strata, Simcoe, Horizon, and Columbus hops, and tastes of grapefruit, pine, and orange. It's bound to cure a long endured hop craving.

Hutton's Hefestoutzen - 7.3%, Low IBU - This creation, dreamed up by Owner and Head Brewer, Erin Hutton, is a perfect hybrid of Hefeweizen and Stout. Deep chocolate combined with the traditional banana and clove flavors of a Hefe, mix perfectly. Rich in flavor, and surprisingly dry, this beer is perfect for the stout lover.

Joe Scouts (Smoked Porter) - 5.6% - A Smoked Porter lovingly named after the late father and father-in-law of co-founders Becka and Tom Giesen. $1 from each bier and crowler purchased was donated in his name to Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness NPO.

Lambda Class Imperial [Trans]Porter - 8.7%, Medium IBU - A robust American style Porter. Notes of biscuit, dark caramel, and a slight smokiness from oak smoked wheat. Balanced with Northern Brewer hops and a late addition of Chinook to round it out.

BBL Aged Lambda Class Imperial [Trans]Porter - 8.8%, Medium IBU - Our robust American style Porter aged in Jack Daniel's whiskey barrels.

Lemmiwinks (Berliner Weisse) - 3.0%, Low IBU - A light, tart, and refreshing German wheat sour. Sometimes featuring fruit purees such as Pineapple or Raspberry.

Madam Vice President (MVP) Pale Ale - 5.9%, Medium IBU - A fresh new Pale Ale brewed with a juicy New Zealand hop variety, Nectaron, which lends notes of pineapple and passion fruit.

Mittag (Session IPA) - 4.5%, High IBU - Brewed with Maltwerks pilsner malt and an experimental hop blend from BSG. It's light on the alcohol at 4.5% but full on IPA hoppiness with notes of pine, mango, and pineapple.

Nová Praha Med (RIS) - 9.9%, Medium IBU - Czech for "New Prague Honey," this Russian Imperial Stout was brewed with 75 lbs of local honey in a 10 bbl batch.​

BBL Aged Nová Praha Med (RIS) - 9.9%, Medium IBU - Czech for "New Prague Honey," our Russian Imperial Stout was brewed with 75 lbs of local honey in a 10 bbl batch, then laid to rest in Breckenridge bourbon barrels for 4 months. Expect a smooth, chocolaty stout with notes of vanilla, a residual sweetness from the honey, and a pleasant bourbon finish.

*2020 BBL Aged Nová Praha Med (RIS) - 10.2%, Medium IBU - Czech for "New Prague Honey," our Russian Imperial Stout was brewed with 75 lbs of local honey in a 10 bbl batch, then laid to rest in Elijah Craig bourbon barrels. Expect a smooth, chocolaty stout with notes of vanilla, a residual sweetness from the honey, and a pleasant bourbon finish. *MN Brewers Cup 2nd place award winner for Wood Beer.

O... Malley ("German" Irish Red) - 5.3%, Low IBU - Named for our favorite German teacher, this Irish Red is a malty, deep Red Ale with a hint of roast and a nice dry finish.

Palindrome Pils (Double Pilsner) - 6.4% ABV, Medium IBU - A crisp double pilsner with a bright lemon finish from Saaz hops

Ruth Bitter Ginsburg (ESB): A classic British style Extra Special Bitter brewed in celebration of International Women's Day. It's exceptionally balanced: biscuity, earthy, fruity, and bitter. Named after gender equality warrior, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, this crushable ale is a beer that keeps on giving.

Soused (IPL) - Czech for "neighbor" and pronounced "soo-sehdt," this is an India Pale Lager with Mackinac hops, brewed with our friends and neighbors Montgomery Brewing Company.

Spaceballs the Coconut Milk Stout - 5.5%, Low IBU - The same Spaceballs you know and love, with coconut sugar added to the brew and loads of toasted coconut added to the fermentor.

Spaceballs the Coffee Milk Stout - 5.0%, Low IBU - We took Spaceballs the Milk Stout and added fresh, cold brewed Organic Colombia Supremo from JS Bean Factory in Saint Paul. These two were a match made in heaven, with the brightness of the coffee bringing new life to the dark, chocolaty-ness of Spaceballs. This bier is perfect for breakfast or any time of day!

Speedo Claus (Hot Cocoa Stout) - Brewed each year for the Giesenbräu Santa Speedo Dash, this stout features lactose, cocoa powder, and vanilla.


That Other Wizard the Brown Ale - 5.7%, Low IBU - You know.  The Wizard who hangs around with animals? This is a malty, smooth Brown Ale finished off with Czech noble hops for balance. Sure to please the non-hop heads.

Toats McGroats (Maple Oatmeal Stout) - 6.0%, Low IBU - Brewed with chocolate malt, flaked oats, and Giesen Family maple syrup.

Wet Hop (IPA) - 6.0% - a Wet Hop IPA brewed with Centennial hops picked from the biergarten vines an hour before being tossed into the brew kettle. This IPA is dripping with the unique wet hop grassiness and citrus that only comes once a year.

Smoked Series #1: Life Day (Smoked Dark Ale) - 4.9%, Low IBU - From the mind of the Assistant Brewer comes the first in a line of Smoked Biers! Beechwood smoked malt from Bamberg lends its unique flavor to this Smoked Dark Ale. Well balanced and slightly sweet, with a not-so-subtle smokiness.


Smoked Series #2: Walking Carpet (Rauchweizen) - 5.2%, Low IBU - Even Princess Leia would approve of this Walking Carpet. Smoked malt gives this version of a traditional Dunkles Weissbier its unique flavor profile: a darker, maltier Hefe with a delightful smokiness.

Smoked Series #3: Bowcaster (Bamberg Style Smoked Märzen) - 6.4%, Low IBU - Chewbacca's preferred weapon and our preferred smoked bier. Made with 100% Beechwood smoked malt, this lager has an aroma and taste that will remind you of smoked meats and bacon. Mmmmm bacon.

Smoked Series #4: Baby Wookiee (Smoked Poblano Altbier)  - 4.9%, Low IBU - Named in 2018 after the birth of co-founders Becka and Tom Giesen's son, Baby Wookiee is an Altbier with house smoked poblano peppers. This bier packs the aroma and flavor of pepper without the heat.

Smoked Series #5: Wroshyr - 4.7%, Low IBU - A Smoked Maple Porter brewed with Giesen Family maple syrup.